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We are Freedive Menorca.
Here's a bit more about us and the sport that we love

Some basics

What is Freediving?

Freediving (also known as apnea) is the art of being underwater on a single breath. Freediving is ancient: for as long as humans have foraged the shoreline for food they have been freediving. Every culture and civilisation reliant on the ocean has it’s own history of breath hold diving, from the sponge divers of Greece to the pearl divers of ancient Persia. Even today, indigenous freediving cultures like the Bajau-Laut people of the south pacific and the Ama women of Japan still survive in this way.
The amazing thing about freediving is that anyone can do it. When diving, all humans show some of the same adaptations as whales and dolphins – to help us to be comfortable and relaxed diving deeper and longer than we ever thought possible! This set of adaptations is known as the mammalian dive response (MDR). Just like anything else we can do with our bodies, our MDR can be trained – this is what learning to freedive is all about!
Nowadays freediving has evolved into a sport and a fun way to exercise and explore the ocean. Some people like to train and develop their skills to take part in competitions and show how deep or long they can dive for. Others like to use the tranquility they find in freediving as a form of meditation and a way to unwind and relax. Freediving is an amazing way to explore the underwater world, without tanks and heavy equipment and often allows for closer, more wondrous interactions with the underwater world.


We are amazingly blessed to have such a beautiful place to share our love of the ocean. Menorca is one of the best freediving spots in the Mediterranean. Crystal clear waters at around 27 degrees throughout the summer, it offers some of the best freediving conditions in Europe.

The island was declared Reserve of the Biosphere by UNESCO in 1993 which has helped to keep the authentic and virgin character of the land, beaches and ocean. Its archeological, architectural, historic and cultural heritage make visiting Menorca an experience you won’t forget.


Who We Are

Adam De La Mare

trained in London for 3 years before beginning coaching, running hundreds of pool sessions for up to 20 freedivers. After representing the UK in the world championships he decided to make Freediving a full time career. He moved to the freediving mecca of Dahab, Egypt before taking teaching jobs in top freediving centres in the Philippines and Indonesia. Eventually after almost 10 years of freediving, coaching and teaching he decided to join Valeria in setting up a place to share their passion, Freedive Menorca.

Valeria Olives Babler

worked for more than 10 years in kinesiology and naturopathy in her own practice in Barcelona, a life that she combined with her love of snow, winter, climbing mountains and teaching skiing. When she discovered apnea for the first time in Indonesia she knew that she had found her true passion. Her experience in sports development and her understanding of learning and healing processes has led to her rapid evolution in the world of freediving. She is an instructor for AIDA and Pure Apnea, she has worked and trained with some of the best freedivers in the world, she has participated in competitions as a safety diver and athlete. Now, returning to the island where she grew up, she shares her passion for freediving, teaching and healing with her partner Adam at Freedive Menorca.