Menorca is home to some of the most spectacular cave freediving sites in the world. These dives offer mentally, technically and physically challenging experiences for intermediate and advanced freedivers.

Each experience includes:

2 dive sessions: a preliminary check/assessment dive session and a guided excursion to the cave site by one of our experienced instructors. (Dive sessions held on separate days).*
Specific safety for each dive site provided and co-ordinated by at least one of our instructors.
Equipment: diving weight and torch.
*Please note that as these cave sites are challenging and unusual dives, all freedivers are subject to the mandatory ‘check dive’ without exception. This helps us not only to ensure divers are at the appropriate level but also to make sure everyone is comfortable with safety procedures and communication. To maintain absolute safety, dives may be cancelled or rescheduled as weather conditions dictate. The instructor may suggest a change in requested cave site according to weather conditions or diver(s) freediving ability.

Cathedral Cave

Situated beneath the rugged cliffs of Menorca’s south coast, this gigantic sea cave is really worthy of its name! A long dive through the main cavern – as big as as a 7 storey building – brings you to a large chamber of breathable air with incredible rock formations. Looking back along the chamber you can see the sun’s rays penetrating the water from the world outside.

Gil cave

Pont d’en Gil Galleries

Beneath one of Menorca’s most famous and photographed locations there is a secret cavern which can only be accessed by a technically and mentally challenging dive underneath a flooded arch into the darkness. On the other side waits a large cavern filled with breathable air and towering cascades of white limestone. Nothing can prepare you for the stunning beauty of this cave – it has to be seen to be believed!

Cala Morell Tunnel

This dive bears the title of ‘Menorca’s Longest Swim Through’. Physically the most challenging cave dive we offer, this vast flooded tunnel takes you beneath the cliffs of Cala Morell through a huge cavern, like the lair of some forgotten sea monster. For the most courageous and experienced of freedivers.

Swiss Cheese

A beautiful labyrinthine dive site, famous all over the island and beyond. The Swiss Cheese isn’t one dive but many, including a large flooded central cavern with 2 levels and multiple entry an exit points. This allows for various grades of dive from easy to expert level.

S’Algar Cenote

Unique in Menorca, this dive is accessed by clambering over a rugged moonscape before descending into a hidden sinkhole in the rock. After a tricky duck dive in the small pool you are into a stunning underwater tunnel leading out to the soft blue light of the open sea.

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