Whether you want to explore the underwater world, dive deeper and longer or learn how to hold your breath safely in big waves - you can do it all with us!

We offer freediving courses from complete beginner to master level. Feel free to contact us if you need any help deciding which course is right for you. All courses include specialised freediving equipment, teaching materials and internationally recognised accreditation. Check out our Inclusive Courses here

Intro Course

A great starting point for those who want to relax, have some fun and see what freediving is all about.

Perfect for someone with zero experience in freediving, scuba diving or even snorkelling. The course is very relaxed and usually all the theory and dry practice happens on the beach, right next to the beautiful blue sea. When you’re ready, your instructor will take you into the water to practice some of the ideas they’ve explained on land. A really fun, interesting and relaxing experience for the curious water lover.

Special package: Intro Course + Fun Dive. Length: 1 Day – Price: €125

Level 1 - Beginner Freediver

The world’s most popular freediving course, recognised in all countries. All the basics of freediving in one easy course. Discover yourself and what you can do. Hold your breath and learn the art of underwater relaxation and how to listen to your body as you descend deeper and deeper. Trust us as we guide you on a journey of self discovery. Learn all the skills needed to safely practice basic freediving independently. Check out our All Inclusive Freediving Camp here

Level 1 - Adventure Freediver

Discover the wonder of the underwater world on a single breath.

For those who want to come and play! The adventure freediver courses are perfect for those who love to snorkel and want to experience the underwater world on a single breath. Menorca has some of the best underwater features and marine life in Spain. Power boost your snorkelling by learning all the necessary freediving and safety skills needed to explore Menorca’s incredible coastal waters.

Level 2 - Advanced Freediver

The next step on your journey into freediving.

For freedivers who have done the 2 day beginner course and found out how addictive freediving can be. Refine your skills and learn the art of freefall, relying just on your relaxation and mind to take you deeper into the blue.

Level 2 - Adventure Freediver

It’s time for a bigger adventure!

Build on the knowledge and skills learned in the Level 1 Adventure Freediving course. Make your underwater explorations bigger and better and develop your safety skills to match. A great way to enjoy one of the most beautiful freediving locations in Europe.

Level 3 - Master Freediver

The final step in your freediving eduction, learn the skills required for very deep diving.

This course introduces you to the final pieces of the jigsaw towards very deep freediving. Learn the techniques and training for deep equalisation towards becoming a champion.

Surf / Survival Apnea

For surfers and other fans of white water. Learn from the best in the business how to be safe and confident holding your breath when that big wave hits!

A course specifically designed for those who want to learn about holding their breath and being safe and confident in wipe-out situations. It’s also just great fun for anyone to have a go. This is a skills and safety course and takes place completely in the pool or shallow water but our instructors will definitely put you through your paces. A fun and challenging day out, great for bonding and team building.

Training Agencies and Accreditation

At Freedive Menorca, all our certifications are done under Pure Apnea or AIDA (Association Internationale pour le Développement de l’Apnée) and are included in the cost of the course.

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