Become a freediver


Whether you want to explore the underwater world or dive deeper and longer you can do it with us! From complete beginner to experienced divers.

Intro Course

A great starting point for those who want to relax, have some fun and see what freediving is all about.

Perfect for someone with zero experience in freediving. We’ll have a small theory session chatting about the main topics of freediving where you can ask anything You would like to know. When you’re ready, we’ll go to the water to taste the first steps into freediving. A really fun, interesting and relaxing experience for the curious water lover.

From 9:30 am to 1:30 pm

Price: €125

Length: 4 hours

Pre-requisites: Able to swim

Certification: Ask us about the AIDA 1 Qualification!

Level 1 Beginner Freediver

Price: €380

Length: 2.5 Days

Pre-requisites: Able to swim

Max depth: 20m

Certification: AIDA2

Level 2 Advanced Freediver

Price: €465

Length: 2-3 Days

Pre-requisites: Level 1 Beginner Freediver

Max depth: 30m

Certification: AIDA3

Level 3 Master Freediver

Price: €540

Length: 5-6 Days

Pre-requisites: Level 2 Course

Max depth: 38m

Certification: AIDA4

Training Agency and Accreditation

At Freedive Menorca, all our certifications are done under AIDA (Association Internationale pour le Développement de l’Apnée) and are included in the cost of the course.