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Adventure Diving & Excursions

Underwater landscapes of Menorca are waiting to be discovered. We’ll observe marine life, play with the amazing rock formations and meld into the underwater beauty.

Our excursions are for all levels of freediver, great for developing your skills while enjoying the adventure and taking amazing underwater photos and videos. For the experienced freedivers who want that next level experience, most of our dive sites have intense cave and swim through options.

Challenge your abilities and expectations under our supervision and guidance!

Adventures scheduled each week

Price: €85 per person

Private booking: €250 x max 4 people

Minimum requirement: Freediving Intro Course

From 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Cap d’en Font and Cathedral Cave

Cap d’en Font is accessed by a short, easy climb down the rocks (bring suitable footwear!) We enter into a beautiful secret lagoon full of fish and rocky hiding places for octopus and moray eels. The cliff entry point drops away steeply to around 20m (we can even jump in from a few metres up, if you want to make a splash!) In the crystal clear water we can easily see the sand and rocks below. It’s fun and beautiful to start the session with some easy dives down the wall where we get in. A short swim across the bay there’s a super cool tunnel, a nice one for newly qualified divers who want to experience a swim through for the first time. 

Around the corner, just outside the bay is Cathedral Cave. One of Menorca’s big 5 cave sites. Although not a physically challenging dive for intermediate divers, we are diving into the darkness and it’s scary! A long underwater swim through the main cavern – as big as a 5 storey building – brings us to a large chamber of breathable air with incredible rock formations. Looking back along the way we came you can see the sun’s rays penetrating the water from the world outside.

For the Cathedral cave, underwater torches are necessary for safety. If you don’t have one of your own you can rent one from us. Torches are not necessary if you don’t plan to enter the cave.

Cala’n Mort and Swiss Cheese

Cala’n Mort, in the Minorquin language means ‘Cove of Death’, but don’t let that put you off! You could say this location is Freedive Menorca’s spiritual home, for our first few seasons this was our main dive location. A short climb over the rocks and down a forgotten boat ramp (appropriate footwear required!) We can get ready and jump into the beautiful secluded cove. It’s a big cove but usually quiet and free from boats and tourist crowds, surrounded on 3 sides by cliffs. In the middle of the bay is a high stack of rock, Menorca’s octopus hotspot, you might make an 8 legged friend! There are a number of easy swim throughs here, perfect for beginner freedivers to try an underwater tunnel for the first time.

The cove is also home to the Swiss Cheese, perhaps Menorca’s most famous underwater location. Not just one tunnel but a labyrinth of different underwater entrances and exits, a vast main chamber at the centre of them all, with both deep and shallow options, ranging from intermediate to expert level. If you dive the length of the main chamber, you can tick Swiss cheese off your Big 5 cave list!

Pont d’en Gil Arch and Galleries

On Menorca’s western tip is one of her most breathtaking locations. The arch (or bridge) of Pont d’en Gil is an amazing spot where many gather to watch the sun go down. A short scramble down the rocks to a handy natural rock platform by the sea (wear suitable footwear!) We enter into a beautiful secluded lagoon with calm clear water and around 10m to the bottom. Full of schooling fish and, if we’re lucky, some barracuda! Around the edge of  the bay is an underwater playground of caves and small swim-throughs, suitable for all levels of qualified Freediver.

If we swim under the colossal arch there are 2 enormous sea caves. Inside one of them is one of the hidden treasures of the freediving world, the Pont d’en Gil gallery cave. A shallow dive, under some overhanging rock and we arrive into a vast chamber of breathable air stretching away into the darkness and cascading rock formations high above, the most impressive underwater cave  of Menorca, an epic adventure and a completely different diving experience.

For the gallery cave, underwater torches are a safety requirement. If you don’t have one of your own you can rent one from us. Torches are not needed if you don’t plan to enter the cave.

Cala Morell

On Menorca’s north western coastline is the quiet fishing cove of Cala Morell. An easy access down some steps brings us to the quiet sunbathing platforms by the sea making it very easy to suit up and get in. A shallow meander along the western wall of the cove, there is a shallow bottom with lots of odd schooling fish and nooks and crannies where octopus or Morays could be hiding. Following the rocks around to the west, under Elephant Rock (it looks like an Elephant) is a beautiful underwater arch. At the right time of day it’s perfect for underwater photography with shards of sunlight penetrating from the surface. The arch can be extended through a wide tunnel stretching off in the other direction for divers wanting a bigger challenge.

Crossing the bay we can find 20m down to a sandy bottom with small rays and the occasional school of barracuda. Without a dive line to orientate ourselves, this can be an enjoyable and challenging dive for newly qualified divers.

On the eastern side of the bay is Cala Morrell’s famous Long Tunnel, like the lair of some sea monster, natural light is scarce and a gloom descends as you go deeper inside, with a hazy layer of sediment rising like smoke from the bottom. This may be Menorca’s most challenging tunnel dive and requires specialised safety from our instructor team.

S’Algar Cenote

Due to Menorca’s usual weather conditions this is the most elusive of the big 5 cave locations as it’s rarely calm enough to dive, so if we get the chance to go there we take it! Clambering over the rocky moonscape of Menorca’s east coast, we descend into a hidden sinkhole. After a tricky duck dive in the confined pool, we’re in a long wide tunnel leading out into the soft blue light of the open sea. A very beautiful dive.

For those who prefer a more relaxed experience, there is a natural platform, sloping into the sea where it’s easy for us to get in. Following the cliffs, there is a steep wall to follow which stretches down 20m to a rocky bottom. A great opportunity to see a lot of sea creatures who make their homes between the rocks.

Cala Viola, Cavalleria

Nestled inside one of Menorca’s most spectacular landscapes is this beautiful secluded beach. Here we are inside Menorca’s northern Marine Protection Area, so an amazing opportunity to see lots of fish and other sea creatures and a great example of how effective MPAs are at protecting underwater habitats.

Not 1 dive site but 2! A longer swim to the west brings us to a small rocky island home to many species of fish, including schools of barracuda. Around the island the rocks fall away to a sandy bottom at around 20m. There’s even a shallow swim through.

If we decide to follow the rocks on the north side of the bay, we get to a mini cave system suitable for most levels of diver. There’s lots of natural light so great for underwater photos and video. If we’re lucky and take care not to disturb them, there’s usually some larger groupers hanging out, waiting to give us a scare!

All our dive sites are safe and enjoyable for all levels of qualified divers but if the idea of freediving big underwater caves appeals to you, have a chat with us, we can give you more information and we’ll know if you have the appropriate level to enjoy them safely.